2nd of MAY 2020 LONDON, UK

Lets meet Conference Speakers and they amazing topics:


▪️AISHA JAGIEVA - How to work with L,L+ and M curl Lashes

▪️ILONA CYPIENE - Lash Lamination tips and tricks, how to make it easier?

▪️MARINA KUDRYAVTSEVA - Secrets of how to make perfect Kim Style lash sets.

▪️INGA RAUDIENE - What influences the beautiful Volume Fan?

▪️KASIA BRYNKIEWICZ - Perfect fans, how much glue you should use?

▪️LORETA JASILIONYTE - Business Growth.

▪️MICHELLE RATH - Strip lash styling done in 2hrs or less.

▪️ALENA & ALINA - Why you should add colored lashes to your business?

▪️MANUELA RAMIREZ - Lash reatention. How to keep you clients?




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2nd May 2020 Conference

  • Conference schedule:

    8:00am - Registration

    Complimentary tea, coffee

    9:00am -  1st Speaker 

    9:30am - 2nd Speaker

    10:00am - 3rd Speaker

    10:30am - 4th Speaker

    11:00am - Coffee Break 

    11:30am - 5th Speaker

    12:00pm - 6th Speaker

    12:30pm - 7th Speaker

    1:00pm - 8th Speaker

    1:30pm - Lunch Brake

    2:30pm - 9th Speaker

    3:00pm - 10th Speaker

    3:30pm - 11th Speaker

    4:00pm - 12th Speaker

    4:30pm -Extra Guest

    5:00pm Coffee Break 

    5:00pm End of Conference


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