Welcome to 'IM Beauty Event' Online Competition!!!

In this competition is possible to attend as many different categories as you wish.

More subjects you will pick,more chances you will have to win!!!

Here is some new competition to participate while we all stay at home!

Strip lash eyelash extensions!!!! Here is few choices :

  • Color blend
  • Strip art
  • Classic
  • 3/4D Volume

Pay now and send your work till 1st of May 2020.


Please READ MORE about Online Competition Roles.

Note: Tickets for entering competition are not refundable or exchangable!

Strip Lash Online Competition

  • For classic and 3/4D Volume you will need to do 2 strips- one with short size( maximum 8mm):
    5mm-10 points
    6mm-9 points
    7mm-8 points
    8mm-7 points
    9mm and more 0 points
    ... and one with long sizes ( minimum size 13mm).
    Judges will look at the:
    👉🏼Fan bace ( for volume)
    👉🏼Fan repetitive ( for volume)
    👉🏼Amount-of glue
    For strip decoration and Colour blend judges still look at the same criteria as above and will check your creativity, details used, colours , complexity and more. For colour blend- the amount of colours, complexity

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