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Welcome to LIVE Lash Competition, judged by well known International Lash Masters and Judges.


Here is few thinks you need to know attending this live competition!

👉🏼Participants must wear beauty tunic.

👉🏼Models must be in black .

👉🏼NO permanent liner on model.

👉🏼You need to have your own light.

👉🏼Recomended to bring own neck pillow, blanket if you need to.

👉🏼To have all necessarily materials (steriliser, lash preparation, glue, lashes, pads, tweezers and so on)

👉🏼Extra pads and brushes for judges.



  • Volume 3D (3hrs)

  • Volume 5/6D (3hrs 30min)

  • Classic (2hrs)

  • Perfect Fan (1hr) model required.

There are 4 sub-categories for online competition 

 1. Junior-Up to one year of experience

 2. Master -1 to 3 years of experience

 3.Profesional-More than 3 years old of experience or TRAINERS ( even if trainer have less than 3 yeas experience)

 4. Expert- Competition  winers (1,2 or 3rd place) in a live or online competition.

Certificates  will be awarded for ALL Participants for competing in competition.

TOP 3 winners in each category will receive Certificate,Trophy and Gift bag from sponsors.


👉🏼Entry fees for 1 Category is £90,-
👉🏼Entry fees for 2 Categories is £180,-
👉🏼Entry fees for 3 Categories is £210,-
👉🏼Entry fees for 4 Categories is £280,- 


👉🏼Entry fees are non-refundable.
👉🏼We reserve the right to disqualify competitors that fail to comply with the rules. 
👉🏼We reserve the right to and change the name of the winners if it comes to light that a competitor competed in a lower category than her experience/status dictates. 
👉🏼Your work pictures  from competition may be used and published by the organiser/s in any media format with credit to the artist.
👉🏼The judges decision is final and no correspondance will be entered into.
👉🏼On registering for the competition, the competitor accepts the terms and conditions.

The Judges will be looking at:
👉🏼General Look- 10points 

👉🏼Styling- 10points

👉🏼Work Complexity- 10points (3 curls-10points, 2 curls-9points, 1 curl-8points)

👉🏼Direction- 10points

👉🏼Smooth Transition- 10points

👉🏼Density- 5points

👉🏼Inner and outer corners- 10points
👉🏼Stickies- 10points

👉🏼Attachment- 10points

👉🏼Distance- 10points
👉🏼Fluffiness of the lashes (not clumped together) 
👉🏼Fans uniformity- 10points ( only for volume)
👉🏼Lengths- 5points
👉🏼Thickness- 5points


👉🏼General  Look.Please choose correct model for decided set of lashes. In this criteria judge will look in to whole face/head .
 👉🏼Clean Work.No make up around eyelash area.
👉🏼100% of lashes should be covered (including inner and outer corners)
👉🏼Lashes should not be crooked, they should lean in the correct direction
👉🏼Chosen design is suitable for model’s eye shape, symmetry and face
👉🏼No two natural lashes or extensions should be stuck together

👉🏼Curl mixing should include in your sets
👉🏼There should smooth blending between length and curl changes 
👉🏼Distance from the eyelid skin should be the same for all extensions through the lash line. Recommended distance:
   Classic: 0.5mm-1mm
   Volume: 0.2mm to 0.5mm

👉🏼If extension touches the skin you will loose points
👉🏼Extensions length should be suitable for model’s natural lashes and not cause any drooping, twisting or be touching the eyebrows
👉🏼Lash extensions thickness/volume of lashes in a fan should be suitable for model’s natural lashes. Refer to the below criteria for each category:

👉🏼Is allowed to mix the thicknesses to best suit your models lashes.
👉🏼Flat. Elipse, Camelia, Clover,Easy Fan Lashes are not allowed, only traditional lashes.

For Classic:


For 3D Volume:

For 5/6D Volume:


For Perfect Fan:

You will need to do 2D,3D,4D and 5D fans. Also you will need to apply fans using map provided.


👉🏼A lash extension should be attached to the natural lash securely, without lifting at the base or splitting of fan bases

👉🏼Chosen design is suitable for model’s eye shape, brows and face, skin type
👉🏼Coloured lashes are allowed if you think they suits your model( all brown shades)

👉🏼Both eyes should look even in styling and fullness

👉🏼Style, length and curl should complement model’s face shape, overall quality of workmanship will also be judged.

If you still have questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


IM Team

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